Frequently Asked Questions

What size glove should I select?

Use the size guide at check out to determine the appropriate size glove for your hand.  You may find GoCore's fingers to fit slightly less snugly on your fingers than other gloves.  That is by design.  Gloves that constrict your fingers too tightly restrict movement and circulation, and can actually make your hands and fingers colder.  GoCore is designed to layer fabric across your hands and fingers without constricting movement or circulation.

Can I use GoCore palmless gaming gloves with a console controller?

Yes! You can use GoCore gloves with any gaming peripheral, including mouse and keyboard, console controller, or VR controller.

Can I wash my new GoCore gloves?

Yes.  Simply follow the care instructions on the glove label.  We recommend handwashing your GoCore gloves with warm water.  Do not iron, use bleach, dry clean, or tumble dry, as that may damage the fabric.