Say goodbye to cold, stiff hands while gaming.

Introducing GoCore Gaming Gloves, the world's first palmless gaming gloves designed to enhance performance by keeping hands and fingers warm without affecting your feel of the mouse, controller, or keyboard.

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Design fueled by our passion for gaming.

Tired of missing too many skillshots due to cold and stiff hands, we set out to create the perfect gaming glove that would keep our hands warm and nimble. The result was GoCore, the world's first palmless, semi-fingerless glove designed just for gaming. Unlike other gloves, GoCore's premium low temperature fabrics provide coverage only where you need it, which locks in warmth while maintaining maximum feel of your gaming peripherals.

Choose your weapon.

PC or console, GoCore has you covered.

Coverage where it counts.

GoCore's palmless and semi-fingerless design ensures you never lose the touch of the mouse, the click of a key, or the feel of the controller.

Premium Materials.

GoCore is made of buttery smooth, 4-way stretch, low-temperature performance fabrics to keep your hands warm and your aim true.